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Welcome to The Sleep Mentor with Kellie Gilmour

Is this you?

You can't fall asleep. You can fall asleep but can't stay asleep. You wake in the night many times. You wake too early in the morning. You can't wake up in the morning. You feel unrested in the morning. You feel unrested all day. You feel unwell, tired and lacking energy and you think it's because of problems that you have with sleep - it's affecting your mood, relationships and work-life.
Sleep is the foundation upon which we build all aspects of our lives. It affects our mental, physical and emotional wellbeing as well as our relationships and work-life.
Gaining a better understanding of sleep and the impact that sleep deprivation has, can change your life.

The Sleep Mentor courses are designed to be a completely personalised approach into gaining an maintaining a healthier relationship with sleep, differing from the books, apps and online courses available. You will gain a better understanding of the processes of healthy sleep and taking into consideration your personal lifestyle, personality and goals, you'll get the support you need to make positive changes for better sleep and greater overall wellbeing.

The Sleep Mentor sessions include super-relaxing clinical treatments or tuition in scientifically proven stress-busting and relaxation-enhancing techniques to gently guide the body and brain into a rediscovery of deep relaxation, naturally aiding a great night's sleep as well as providing many other evidence-based health benefits.

New clients: please book a free 30-minute consultation.
For a full course of Sleep Mentoring with therapy or training we'll book three x 90 minute sessions, in-person at our clinic or online via Zoom, Skype or MS Teams.
Follow-up appointments are then available at your choice, in-person or online.

If your workplace has an employee wellbeing policy, we can organise a Workplace Wellbeing Course or Workshop, funded by your employer - get in touch for more details.

For more information visit TheSleepMentor.com or book a free consultation now:

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